Social Responsibility

Power of society is the reason of the Kaner Group of Companies todays success. Company works together with Non-Governmental Organizations and other foundations and experts of the area which the project will take place. KANER focuses on educational, environmental and cultural fields.

EDUCATION: Provides scholarships for students from universities, high schools and middle schools to support the education of Turkish Cypriot students.
ART: By being local artists' sponsors and by supporting the concerts of annual Bellapais Festival, Kaner Group of Companies aim to contribute socitie's, especially youngsters cultural evolution.

SPORTS: KANER is aware of the importance of sports in young generation's progression, so that they made it part of the daily life both with acts of managing in sports clubs and activities under the name of Vedat Kaner Sports Club. The club was active in basketball leagues between 1991-2000, which had influence on young women and men to drove their attention to basketball and making it spread throughout society.

HEALTH: Company maintains its support on the matter of health within social responsibility. For patients' room equipments and medical device investments like dialysis machines, Kaner supports Nicosia Burhan Nalbantoglu Governmental Hospital.
"No Violence Against Women" Act: Working in cooperation with Non-Governmental Organisations which is acting behalf of women in-need and suffers violence, company aims to contribute to projects for flocking together the women and society.

SOCIAL LIFE: Contrubting Social Life of Younger Generations: Special kids with the need of "attention, love and recognition" spend a day in Gloria Jean's Coffees every year under the name of "23th April Children Festival" which is to improve children and youngsters social lives.
Adding Value to the Life of the Old: In terms of "Aged Week" every year, Gloria Jean's Coffees hosts elderly people, who are in need of attention and care, and organizes trips.
Contribution to the Social Life of Disadvantaged Individuals: With the aim of supporting the motivation and mental health of treated patients in "Barış Ruh ve Sinir Hastanesi", traditionally every year, company employees and patients enjoy the music and food together in a project scope at the hospital.

Assurance the future for Differently-Developed Individuals: One of the directors of Kaner Group of Companies, Guliz Kaner, is also the president of the association, which works on the "Living Home Project". The projects is to create a 6000m2 living area where the future of differently developing individuals can be assured both spiritually and financially. The book "Vakit Varken", states the lives of brothers Adem and Vedat Kaner who were the founders of the company. The income from the sale of the book is donated to the project from 2012, since the book was released.

Our Projects

As Kaner Group of Companies, we have long term social responsibility projects.

Social Responsibility

As Kaner Group of Companies, we have short term social responsibility projects.

Our Contributions

As Kaner Group of Companies, we aim to contribute various social responsibility projects/actions/events in many aspects.


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