Human Resources

Human Resources Vision

We aim to go forward by teaching, learning and evolving with our "Happy Employees".

Human Resources Policy

We believe that we can achieve our institutional goals, only by self avhievements and team goals of our highly motivated employees.
Quality of service starts with the sense of quality of the employees. Potential and affection of the employee cannot be considered apart from the consequinces and behaviour, so that true potential only arises with the alliance of both.
The power of ensuring possibilities for fullfilment and working with competent and qualified employees is certain.
The success of the group for generations is provided by the terms "compliance of position and employee", "happy employee", "collaboration and solidarity", "being a family" and "being preferred".
We support the idea of justice, respecting diversity and outgoing communication in our internal relations.

Our Principles

–Our employees are our most valuable resources.
–The right person in the right position
–Performance and accomplishment affects wage
–Success-linked evaluation
–Equal opportunity for all
–Consistent compliance with the law, ethical values and moral principles.
- Training


We aim to support the ever-growing model of doing business and innovative way of thinking which is already in the company culture.

Our primary intention is to train experts, managers and leaders who pay close attention to globalisation, change, formation and improvements of technology and getting the most out of these criteria's to their produced work.
Our training and improvement programmes are designed to make our employees efficient and to enhance our company. Employee oriented trainings starts with the "Orientation Programme" which allows fast and easy integration. On-going learning period is being guided by performance-improving actions towards accomplishments.

Our Intention

- Make our employees realize their potential and power
- Make them develop an innovative way of thinking
- Make them gain an investigator and interrogator point of view
- Make them obtain the value of time with consciousness and sensitivity
- Self-management on internal authority, goal setting and positive communication
- Making learning a way of life-style and habit for them.


We aim to support our employees throughout their career to evaluate their opportunities. Therefore, we chose the trainings upon the needs of the work as well as to improve their professional progression.

Wage Policy

Performance based on position job evaluation is the most important point for pricing. The wage is adjusted according to performance and inflation once a year.