Our History

Adem Kaner started his journey on a bicycle collecting thread in 1942, continuing his commercial enterprise the following years. His brother Vedat Kaner, joined him developing a partnership which has come to present days as ‘’Kaner Group Of Companies’’. With the contribution of the second generation today, it continues to be managed and developed with the on going generations.

The second generation executives who pay attention to protecting their family values have moved the "KANER" flag to dimensions that exceed the borders of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by further developing the activities initiated by their founders with their vision and professional management approach.


The first commercial activities that started in poverty were achieved in hard conditions. The wholesale started off in the villages with bed sheet textiles and continued with the trade of women's fabric, curtains and carpets. The activities of Kaner Brothers, have moved forward to a big successful family business with the support and contributions of their wife’s.

In addition to the shops they opened in various regions, in August 1973, the KANER brothers opened the "first" multi storey retail store of the island.

Many important brands of that period were enriched with representatives in various fields; WOLSEY (women's & men's clothing, underwear), ST. MICHAEL (underwear), LC Waikiki (children's wear), EUROPEAN TOYS, European origin toys, leather, fur, VAN HEUSEN (shirts), ATALAR clothing, LEVIS, Dormeuil-Hield English fabrics, ARCCOPAL Spanish fabrics, furnishings products, SAMUR carpets, Belgian production Carpet & Carpet, BMK (Carpets), Elizabet Arden, Brut, CHARLIE, CHANEL, REVLON perfumes, Czechoslovak Crystal Chandelier, PAYREX, ONIK, Arccopal (English carpet & felt) and MAZDA cars. They also sold their own brand named "Diplomat" which was (shirts and pyjamas). 

After 1974

After 1974, in addition to the representation rights of its brands Phillip Morris, John Walker & Sons and Rothmans International, and the first Duty Free license and in 1975 they stepped into the duty free field of retail. In 1976, KANER started its activities by establishing sales & distribution network for Northern Cyprus domestic market as well as Duty Free operations. 

Kaner Gida Ltd was founded in 1992 and began importing and distributing food products.

In 1996, the attempts were launched in Turkey, focusing especially on the duty free area in Turkey and the distribution of famous cigar brands was undertaken. Many famous cigar brands and pipe tobacco, such as Davidoff and Rizla, Imperial Tobacco brands, were established in Istanbul and Mersin port free zone have been effective in sales. 

Also in 1996, KANER was active in the field of technology by establishing a PC Market in Cyprus being active in HP and Compaq.

In the year 2001, KANER made an agreement with KKTCELL to launch the current distribution.

EFES PILSEN distribution was included in the company's activities, bringing the distribution organisation to different dimensions in 2003.

Between the years 2003 & 2005 The KANER Group, who was active in the construction sector constructed and marketed luxury villas in Northern Cyprus.

In 2006, the brand diversity of Mey İçki Sanayi & Ticaret A.Ş. Portfolio expanded new products such as Yeni Rakı and Tekirdağ Rakı to its product range.

The cigar portfolio has also expanded with the well-known hand-rolled pliers to the Turkish Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot markets.

In 2007, KANER GKS Ltd signed a 10-year Master Franchise agreement with Gloria Jean's Coffees. They’re aim to open 7 stores in Northern Cyprus, despite the economic difficulties and embargo in northern Cyprus. KANER Group has had the honour of being the "first" in achieving and opening a master franchise for Northern Cyprus.

In 2008, it undertook the import and distribution of Eukanuba and Iams products becoming the only importer and distributor of P&G Pet Care Division in Turkey.

In 2010, KKTCell expanded its business association, with the opening of KIM store.

The agreement with Coca-Cola Company was signed in 2012. With its expanding distribution network and product range, KANER decided to merge its growing business volume and operations into a single point, by buying 20 acres of land in line with this decision, the Logistics Center initiated the biggest project of the next 50 years.

In 2012 the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus obtained the first fast food chain operating under its own name by signing an agreement with the world's number one pizza brand, Dominos.

In 2013, the first Domino's store was opened in Nicosia.

Also in 2013 Taş Yapı Inc. accomplished the ownership of Ercan Airport. For the next 25 years (T & T Airport Operations)

Over the past 70 years, Kaner Group of Companies has continued its activities in Arasta and Sarayönü in Nicosia. The building area of 2000 m2 has been the head quarter of the company for over 23 years. On September the 7th 2007, the Kaner Group of Companies Group moved their headquarters to Ortaköy.


In TRNC and in Turkey, Kaner Group of Companies serves the highest quality products with more than 600 employees and more than 300 vehicle fleets.