Master Franchise

Gloria Jean’s Coffees

In 1995, two partners, Nabi Saleh and Peter Irvine, purchased the title of Gloria Jean's Coffees for the Australian continent. In 2005, Nabi and Peter purchased the entire production and international name rights of GJC from Gloria Jean's Coffees U.S.A. Thus, all international rights of the GJC were 100% Australian investors. With more than 420 branches in Australia and 900 branches in 50 different countries, The Kaner Group of Companies opened their Dereboyu GJC Shop in 2007, signing the first franchise agreement in northern Cyprus, despite the international embargo. In 2008, Famagusta is pleased to present its world-famous gourmet espresso coffee taste to its guests with Kyrenia in 2010, Sarayonu in 2011, Ercan Airport in 2013 and Gemikonagi in 2016.

Domino's Pizza

In 1960 Tom and James Monoghan Brother's brought DomiNick's pizza, after one year working together Tom paid his brother off and became the sole owner of the business. He then changed the shops name to Domino's pizza in 1965. By the year 1967, the business developed and became the fastest growing pizza company in the United States.
Today, Domino's Pizza has more than 2,000 stores outside the US, with a total of more than 7,000 stores. Worldwide revenue has exceeded 3.5 billion dollars and the company is still growing with careful steps.
The Kaner Group of Companies has signed an agreement in 2012 with a global brand, Domino's Pizza. In August 2013, it opened its first store in Nicosia, then in Gonyeli and Kyrenia. Since its opening year, Domino's Pizza International has proven to be 5 stars above the annual factory inspections and meet Domino's Pizza standards.